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A few weeks back, Jeff Bezos was seen walking around with his machine dog in a video that gathered hype about the influence of robotics and AI on our lifestyle. The debate of ‘Man vs. Machine’ is gathering heat as speculations are turning into reality with the new inventions in cleaning industry are emerging and heading towards the Gulf region. UAE has already seen the wonders a machine can do in public sector with drone taxi and HYPERLOOP train and now it’s time that these inventions become a part of our household lifestyle. As a Facilities Management Company in Dubai, we’re quite excited with the news about robotics in cleaning industry so we ran a search to discover how will this change the game and what improvements can we anticipate with this new trend.




Man has always been aspiring to do the wonders using technology and IoT has proven this time and again. We’re no longer distant to anybody due to this digital progress and now the time has come that we go beyond from staying connected online to benefit from more features the technology has to offer. Companies like IROBOT and ECOVACS have given hope to this quest of stepping into the next level after IoT with the inventions like robot pool cleaner, automatic window cleaner and self-sufficient mopping machines. Now you can forget about investing your time and energy to remove the dust, debris and grime from the surfaces using conventional cleaning approaches as these robotic wonders do the job for you. All you have to do is put the instructions using the remote (or even your Smartphone) and sit back while they drive the desired cleaning results in minimum time period.




However, the use of robot cleaning is limited to certain household cleaning chores but the future promises more fascinating inventions. 5 years from now, we can anticipate these robots working on a massive project all alone without the help of a human brain. This would minimize the risk involved in certain cleaning jobs that require working at a dangerous height or reaching out difficult corners that pose a risk of getting injured. The progress in AI and mechanical engineering is a positive signs with respect to human safety at work but there are certain drawbacks of this machine progress.

IFSG-Group has always aspired to find new ways to serve its customers with more diligence, efficiency and effective service structure. And we are planning to utilize the robotic advancement in cleaning industry by adding robots in our workforce in coming days.

Team IFSG-Group Visits MECHF Awards on Thursday (April 19, 2018)

We, with our team leads, attended MECHF Awards on Thursday April 19, 2018. The team representing IFSG-Group was led by Mr. Tahir Kashif Javed (CEO IFSG-Group) in presence of team supervisors of various departments of the company. The reason behind organizing MECHF Awards is to provide a platform to different companies for socializing with each other and find more opportunities to collaborate with each other with the exchange of services and ideas. This event also proved beneficial in identifying the endeavors of the best companies working hard in their respective domains.

MECHF Awards were organized with an aim to appreciate the hard work, dedication and timely services of the companies working in GCC region to make people’s lives easier and comfortable. We share this idea on which this event was planned and we found the awards a healthy initiative on part of the organizers as this allowed companies (belonging to different domains of cleaning industry) to get to know each other and the service structure they have. In leadership of a visionary CEO – Mr. Tahir Kashif Javed – IFSG-Group made its presence in the main event held on April 19, 2018 (Thursday) at Dubai Marina.

Accompanying Mr. Tahir, there were team leads from each department including

  • Hafiz Rasib Saleem – CTO
  • Sanjay Kumar – Account Manager
  • Rana Rameez – CFO
  • Waqas Wali – Zone Relation Manager

Mr. Mohsin Javed (General Manager of Liverpool Cleaning Services) and Mr. Amir Waqas (General Manager of INTERSERVE) were also present at the awards to witness the grand event at Dubai Marina with Mr. Tahir Javed.


Middle East Cleaning, Hygiene & Facilities (MECHF) Awards were the result of endeavors made by Clean Middle East magazine (run by Media Fusion LLC). The awards were designed with about 13 categories each representing a specific domain in the cleaning industry including


MECHF Awards marked the inception of a new era where companies get recognition and appreciation for their services to the society and we found the event very useful and a need for keeping the service providers motivated. Events of such nature are essential to encourage a healthy competition between the companies and push them to add innovation and improvise their services in timely manner to stay ahead in the competition.


Value Added Tax or simply VAT is the hot topic in GCC countries these days and every business person is seen discussing its impacts on the economy in future. Many of our customers have shown the concerns over price increase on the services that they have been utilizing from our vast variety of facilities management service chain. As a Facilities Management Company in Dubai, we believe that educating our valued customers about the way they can get our services is our first priority. We’ve tried our best to simplify the whole process of how VAT will be implemented in our services in future and what impacts you’re likely to see in the price change in coming days.


Before we go deep into calculating the new prices, it is very important that we understand what is the VAT in actual?

VAT, Value-Added Tax or Value Added Tax is basically a form of tax imposed on the consumption or usage of goods and services to the end consumer. This form of Tax is implemented on the end consumer of goods or services and is included to the price of those goods or services. Around 180 countries have already implemented VAT (or similar variation in names) on the consumption/usage of goods and services and this taxation system is being implemented in the GCC countries from January 2018 onwards.

However, VAT is not charged to the end consumer directly but the Government asks the service providers to include a certain percentage of VAT in total price of the product/service to adjust this tax. Currently, the VAT is set at 5% on the total price of a service or product.


As a facilities management company in Dubai, our services vary from industry to industry to help businesses continue their routine operations uninterruptedly. The prices are same as before but with slight increase of VAT on the total cost of services/products obtained. Suppose, you’re billed AED 1000/- against our services and after inclusion of VAT the total invoice will be of AED 1050/-. The VAT percentage is flat 5% and has no additional impact on the prices so we charge our customers according to this simple calculation of 5% addition of total amount.


Facilities management is a vast term to combine several set of services and extend our expertise to large corporations and midlevel companies. We deal in below mentioned services to help certain industries in keeping up their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

We have taken the initiative to keep the commercial and residential premises clean and 100% hygienic for the occupants. Apart from cleaning services, our area of expertise also include security services to keep the premises away from unfavorable circumstances through our multiple security service solutions. As a facilities management company in Dubai, we are aware of the need of a swift, reliable and trustworthy service provider in moving industry. So we initiated our services to provide individual and corporate customers our support in transiting any amount of items in safe manner.

For further information on our services, charges and any business possibilities, you may speak with our key account managers on +971 4 328 4380 now.


UAE is known for its skyscraping buildings and the commitment of its residents that keep the place clean 24/7. What world misses to notice in UAE’s futuristic lifestyle is the unstoppable devotion of its labor class that work tirelessly to keep the country clean, organized and in line with the vision of its founders. As the Cleaning Company in Dubai, we share the same values that UAE’s founders once saw. One such incident grabbed everyone’s attention when Crown Prince took out his mobile phone to capture a glass window cleaner busy in his duty. However he didn’t utter much to appreciate him except ‘Shukran’ (Thank you) but his facial expressions were telling a million stories about the proud moment he was having.

Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is known for his active role in appreciating and encouraging the citizens for their endeavors to make the UAE progressive and upbeat with the new demand this development seeks. Earlier this week, he shared a video on his Instagram handle capturing a window cleaner behind him that went viral instantly and got thousands of views instantly with lots of appreciating comments by his followers.
The video was captioned with ‘Shukran’ which means ‘thank you’ in English and shows his gratitude and appreciating spirit behind this act. This is the second time that Crown Prince had been seen sharing his proud moment after the dive-in activity that he performed in Marina Beach to collect water waste. Whether he steps forward to clean the water waste, challenge citizens with 30×30 or do anything but his intentions are always in best interest of UAE’s residents. And it must have been a proud moment for him to witness his efforts bearing fruitful results.


cleaning services in dubai


Cleaning is one of our service verticals and as a cleaning company in Dubai we know the challenges these cleaners face when on job. So we thought to give you a clear picture of the kind of their duties and what possibly moved our Crown Prince to share such grateful remarks about them.
A cleaner would usually has to deal with height, hard winds and his own fears to perform certain tasks to make the window clean and glittering again as mentioned below:
Upon reaching the targeted window of the building, they first scrub off the glass using specialized tools to preserve the newness of it.
The cleaner would then check for dirt and dust particles that are stick to the frame of glass window.
The cleaner is expected to remove the minor cobwebs and other elements that are making the glass dirty and contaminated.
After freeing up the glass from dust, the cleaner would wipe it off using soap and water to complete the job.
As a cleaning company in Dubai we invest our time, resource and money on training of our cleaners to handle every situation using wisest approach. We help them master the art of dealing with height and keeping themselves secure when they are performing a cleaning job at one of the UAE’s tallest buildings.


Whether it’s a business organization or a residential complex, the security is an integral part of its infrastructure in every era. Being the Facilities Management company in Dubai, we initiated providing security services with a vision to make our clients feel safer within the premise. As the needs of every individual grow, the challenges of security service providers also increase with the passage of time. As ZAWYA states, the security sector is predicted to double in volume by 2022. The security sector is expected to grow from $9.6 billion to $19.7 in next 5 years.

To meet the variable needs of businesses and individuals many startups are entering this industry but the question is that are they serving up to the standards? When we talk about the security service companies, we expect a service provider that takes every measure in account to keep the dependents away from any unfavorable situation. So here’s an overview of the security service market that is operational in MENA region.

Public Sector Demands

facility management company

Speak about any industry and you’ll find these two factors in common i.e. needs and resources. When we evaluate situations in security service, the client will always have certain needs to be met by the service provider. See, we live in a technological age where we have to deal with numerous elements to keep the premise safe and secure for a smooth business operation. And these elements are further categorized in different levels according to their severity but the one thing that is quite obvious is that there should be a sound security plan to tackle the situation. Before we discuss about the resources required to provide security services, here are the public demands from a service provider:

  • There should be a sound protection plan for every odd situation that is purely customized according to the nature of property that requires security services.
  • The executives should be equipped with the usage of latest technology to reach out to supervisors and report the matter in prompt manner.
  • The security structure should be clear enough to be understood by the internal departments and clients for measuring the security level.
  • The service provider needs to understand the allocation of resources both in term of manpower and technical facilities to keep the premise secure.

Challenges of Security Companies

facilities management companies

As stated earlier, the number of security service companies in increasing rapidly to cope up with the growing needs only in UAE let alone the whole MENA region. Since majority or service providers are in startup phase of their inception so the end customer usually finds many loopholes in service structure. As the facilities management company in Dubai, we have analyzed these needs deeply and concluded the required measures a company needs in order to provide more customized service that meets the service standards of the customer. We figured that a service provider needs to invest in all necessary dimensions of a service structure in security industry. There should be a sound balance in training and certification of new hires and evaluating the type of technological gadgets that a premise needs. Being the facilities management company in Dubai, we have underlined some drawbacks that make a security service poor and below the security standards:

  • Lack of training to handle different situation is what makes a security service’s performance poor. The organization needs to train the staff for tackling with every odd situation.
  • The technology could be used to harness the service quality instead of relying on conventional methods.
  • Those organizations that work with standard service solution for every kind of situation are likely to lose the trust of clients.
  • The resources and manpower should be allocated in such a way that it caters different stages of the problem to keep a peaceful environment.

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Brain in Facilities Management Industry?

It’s not just the scientists but every other person is speaking about the changes artificial intelligence (AI in contraction) can bring in our lives. Different business analysts have been sharing their thoughts about the possibilities that the AI can bring into business spectrum. The latest reports published by Oxford University even revealed some endangered job roles that are more likely to replace a human with humanoid in coming years. But before the robots make their ways in our lives (both personal and professional), there is another element that has become an integral part of the routine operations we perform at the work desk – mobile based applications. So…are we really going to see robots at the receptions and in meeting rooms instead of humans?

An article by Gulf News suggested the restrictions of these mobile based apps in hotel concierge job role that sparked the idea of finding the possibilities of AI’s functions in facilities management industry. So being a Facilities Management Company in Dubai, here are some of our observations on technology and its pace of ruling the world.

First, Let’s Understand the Artificial Intelligence!


facility management


“Artificial Intelligence”, or simply AI, is a concept of enhancing computer’s ability to think, make decisions and perform functions on its own without requiring any input from a human.“ This is a simple explanation of Wikipedia’s definition that we have in today’s date that leads to different question which our human brain can come up after sensing the presence of another creature that is neither animal nor a human. Different business industries have received this concept with a varying degree of attitudes as the application of computers differs from industry to industry all over the world. So we thought to discover the possibilities of AI in facilities management industry.


Job Roles That Will Change Human with Humanoids!


If we follow the new list that is published by Oxford University then we have found these job roles that are more likely to change human brain with software or a humanoid in coming years. These jobs are added into this list based on the probability of human replacement with a computer. [Source]

  • Telemarketers
  • Title Examiners/Searchers
  • Insurance Underwriters
  • New Accounts Clerks
  • Tax Preparers
  • Cargo and Freight Agents
  • Watch Repairers
  • Insurance Underwriters
  • Library Technicians
  • Sewers

The reason that these jobs are predicted to be using a computer/robot in coming years is because they deal with repetitive nature of routine functions. What I mean by saying the ‘repetitive nature of routine functions’ is that they do not require using brain once the body becomes habitual of following a specific set of operations. For instance, if we replace a tax preparer with the software then the software would have to replace certain values on the same form(s) i.e. name, address, company name and similar kind of important information. Hence, the rule of applying AI to a business industry is it will only replace those job roles that repeat their work routine every day. So that makes the implications AI implementation in facilities management industry quite less as we, being a facilities management company in Dubai, have to deal with unexpected conditions/problems on routine basis that require the brain power instead of totally relying on a computer program.


There Are Some Possibilities, Though…


facility management company in dubai


It’s not like facilities managers don’t use technology at all and AI – or computer applications – have no share in our success at all. What I meant to say is that we cannot guarantee the complete sufficiency of AI concept in FM industry in any period of time but it could be used as a supplement to harness our work pace. As a facilities management company in Dubai, we have to deal with different operations that involve sub-operations to accomplish the bigger ones. And this is where we use technology, computer based applications to boost our work speed.

For instance, no use of mobile phones would slow down the process as we have to make calls, keep ourselves updated with each project’s status and the story goes on. But we cannot expect our phones to generate automatic calls and make random queries without our being involved. So there would always be a user required to operate these gadgets to continue our routine work instead of expecting a robot to perform these functions on its own.

And even if we start believing that robots would replace our positions as a facilities management company in Dubai, they would not be able to share the bonding that we have with our valued clients. Because regardless of their super intelligence scale, the AI can never assess the emotions the way a human mind does. And businesses involve dealing with humans by these emotions, to create value for being in existence as a company instead of meeting numbers only. That’s the strongest reason that a robot can never replace human brain in our business but they could be used as a supplementary option to harness the speed of the procedures.






Value Added Tax – The Impacts & Outcomes of VAT Implementations in UAE Business Sector

Earlier this month a royal decree has been passed by HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan – President of the UAE & Ruler of Abu Dhabi – that urges all UAE based companies to complete their VAT registration before January 1, 2018. As per this royal order, all the businesses (reaching Dh 375,000 revenue and supply) will have to keep proper records and present them in front of tax officials upon the closing of each month.

The law will be in effect from January 1, 2017 and there is about a month left in its full implementation in business sector. We, being a Facilities Management Company in Dubai, have gathered some interesting changes this law will bring in the business sector of UAE. So here are some of the expected changes this decree is instilling in the infrastructure of UAE’s business sector.

Understanding Value Added Tax Law:

According to this law, all the businesses that meet a certain revenue threshold are liable to pay tax on their revenue generated, maintain their books and keep record of every transaction. The VAT is decided to be 5% of total value of a product/service charge and all the businesses, meeting the threshold (which is Dh 375,000 or more) must register to obtain a VAT registration number. If any company misses to register before January 1, 2018, it is liable to face odd consequences in shape of heavy fines and legal actions by the Federal Tax Authority of UAE.

The UAE Government aims to generate Dh12 billion in first year through VAT implementation in the first year and is anticipating a collection of Dh20 billion 2019 i.e. second phase of VAT implementation.

Impacts of VAT Implementation:

The days are about to end when businesses used to benefit from UAE’s free zone areas scheme. The law of VAT implementation is going to change how businesses operate in the United Arab Emirates. We, being a facilities management company in Dubai, have some possible impacts that every business would see in its core operations.

  • The businesses are urged to upgrade their record keeping system and make it in line with VAT. This is essential as the previous bookkeeping systems didn’t deal with VAT up till now but if they companies want to avoid any unfavorable situation, they need to adapt with this change in policy.
  • Due to the effect of VAT implementation in United Arab Emirates, there would be a considerable impact on how businesses and service providers price their services/products. The customers would see a slight increase in prices following the VAT inclusion in the services/product price.
  • Businesses that are engaged in stocking the goods and purchasing different items could be able to demand a concession in taxes imposed by the government if they register themselves in VAT program.

Benefits for Businesses:

Where businesses are concerned about the increase in their expenses following the implementation of value added services, there are certain benefits that could be expected by this change.

  • If we compare the VAT registered companies with those that are not yet registered then majority of individuals would want to work with a registered organization. The registrations on different levels boost the confidence of end consumer on the company he/she is dealing with.
  • Regardless of the size and turnover of a company, it works within a certain jurisdiction and wouldn’t want to go against the state laws. So VAT registration saves a company from legal penalties that could cost a lot of money and time of the organization.
  • The companies – that have a valid VAT registration number – would be able to receive different compensations and benefits from the UAE government in the long run.
  • This initiative, on part of UAE government, would help business community in dealing their commercial activities with more confidence and ease once they are registered with the FTA.
  • This is a positive step has it would encourage businesses to abide by fair practices and avoid any activity that leads to violation of any state law while crafting their yearly resolution for sales and revenue generation.

The clock is ticking for those companies that are yet to obtain their VAT registration number. And these assumptions – as a facilities management company in Dubai – are yet to prove how beneficial they would be in favor of every business concern. We hope that every party benefits from this initiative by the MENA governments.


No doubt that UAE is a home to many people that migrated to this land of opportunities from their homeland but the Law of Emiratization is proving to be a hurdle in their way. In these migrants the majority is of labor class that works in different shifts to make both ends meet. On the other hand, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is actively emphasizing on providing equal opportunities to UAE nationals in private sector. [Read here] In a recent update from MOHRE, another attempt is made to convince the private sector companies to employ locals over foreign labors against low labor registration and additional benefits to the member companies. The officials are trying to maintain a balance between foreigners and local laborers but – as one of the Facilities Management Companies in Dubai – we strongly feel that the reaction from private companies is somewhat unclear in this regard.


According to this law, the government is trying to employ the locals both in public and private sector for maintaining a sound balance between immigrants and UAE citizens. The government has already started different initiatives to empower the unskilled locals to be employed in different business sectors and earn their livelihood.

The officials have made different amendments in this law from time to time since its implementation in public and private business sector to encourage businesses for hiring the UAE citizens instead of relying on foreign workforce only. As one of the facilities management companies in Dubai, we feel that even if the law has been implemented from over a decade, the success rate in its implementation is very little and is about 0.34% up till now.


We believe – as the one of the facilities management companies in Dubai – that the primary factor in businesses’ oppose of implementing this rule is the hiring and waging costs that is comparatively double for the UAE citizens. A recent research, conducted in Institute for Social & Economic Research (ISER) at Zayed University, suggests that companies prefer foreign workers over nationals due to their endurance in working long hours and on comparatively low wages. The most influenced industry where companies prefer an expatriate than an Emirati is the oil mining and construction sector that require working long hours which ultimately costs a high price to hire the labor. Secondly, the expenses on workforce’s training and development is another factor due to which companies hold back for hiring locals over expatriates.


While the companies care about controlling their increasing expenses, the government is more concerned about the diminishing identity of Emiratis in the first place. According to the same report, around 40M immigrants work in UAE’s labor class in around 260,000 private sector companies. This situation is leading to below mentioned scenarios that could prove a big problem for all the concerned parties:

  • Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos and Bangladeshis are at the top of immigrant’s list in labor class and the number is growing each year. This growing tendency is creating problems for both Government and businesses for creating adequate work opportunities for newcomers and the locals within an organization.
  • However the situation is leading the country to become a multicultural place but the Emiratis are gradually losing their cultural identity following the increase of immigrants. This is one of the many reasons that MOHRE has taken this initiative to maintain a sound balance in cultural diversity.
  • It will also raise the issues of providing residencies for both locals and immigrants with adequate place to live in.


According to our experience as one of the facilities management companies in Dubai, in coming years the work opportunities would not be enough for both current residents and new immigrants if the tendency does not slow down. So the ministry and businesses have to work together in finding a more sound solution that is viable both economically for the business sector and does not affect the social elements of UAE for which the ministry is concerned.


Running a business requires more than capital, bearing expenses and that unique idea which sets your services apart from other service providers. Today’s business infrastructure has variable demands in comparison to old times and being a Facilities Management Company in Dubai we understand how each business can cater to these rising demands to continue its operations. As a business owner have you felt the desire to progress more but the current efforts are failing to bring those results that you aim to achieve over a passage of time? You’re not alone in this quest as the majority of businesses deal with this problem in which they find the enterprise headed towards a slightly oblique direction than it initially planned. Below are some key problems that might be influencing your business progress and how you may fix the problems.


As an administrator, CEO or director of an organization your objectives are to maintain a smooth flow in routine operations of a business to achieve long-term goals. You fail to achieve this target when your workplace is confronted with minor issues that put the workflow on hold due to unavailability of basic services including electricity, water supply, electronic failure or so. You need to employ a foolproof strategy, a backup to deal with such situations that create the obstruction in your workflows on a routine basis. As an alternative, you may contract with a facilities management company in Dubai that not only give you perfect plan but also arrange for these basic services that help your staff in focusing on their core objectives instead of complaining about unavailability of a certain facility.


In a business setting, problems are bound to happen but being a business representative it is your duty to arrange for their solutions in advance. This approach helps you in dealing with any issue for which you’ve already planned and know how to deal with problems like that to prevent any distraction for the staff. Improper cleaning measurement, loopholes in security services and even problems like pest infestation may put the workflow on hold and leave you consuming your precious time in arranging for the relevant service. As an alternative approach, your FM manager (or the facilities management company in Dubai that you’ve contracted with) should forecast these issues in advance and have a backup plan to resolve them in a timely manner.


As stated above, future planning to deal with a rising solution is essential to keep your business on the right track towards success. But here’s a little problem that needs your attention before you start believing that your plan is ready. Suppose, you have forecasted all the possible problems and their solutions but there is no one who would handle matters carefully and wait for your approval or directions for taking an action. Do you think this delay is good for your business or routine operations? You need an ambassador that would act on your behalf to maintain a sound work environment for your business and facilities management companies in Dubai work exactly on that idea to keep your enterprise running in a smooth manner.


The commercial infrastructure of United Arab Emirates is constantly changing with the passage of time so the needs it has are also on a rapid ratio of variation to enable businesses keep up with new demands. Security – being an integral part of a business structure – also demands attention on part of the business owners, directors, administrators and managers that are engaged in keeping the business activities going. Being a facilities management company in Dubai, we understand what your business needs when it comes to Security Services in Dubai and how it can make a difference in your work culture to establish you as an industry leader. Below are some upgraded variations of security services in Dubai that you may consider to add safety in your business that is backed by customer satisfaction.

  • In old traditions of providing security services in Dubai to a business concern, the security executives are restricted to certain levels. But when we add facilities management in security services structure, they act like an ambassador instead of remaining a security executive that is bound to take a check on security layers to a specific limit. They could be used as a communication bridge between the business owners and the people (in other words customers) that relate to the business in certain capacity.
  • The security services in Dubai can also be designed in such a way that the workforce helps the business managers, administration and other related bodies in maintaining the premise instead of relying on the check posts only. They can also help the businesses in ensuring timely maintenance and arranging relevant services that a business needs from time to time for keeping the premise up-to-date with currently technological and maintenance trends prevailed in the region.
  • We strongly believe on the idea of utilizing the workforce as a channel of communication between customers and the concerned persons of a business organization. In this arrangement, the organization can stay updated with the complaints and suggestions of the customers and use the feedback – obtained through security guards – in a positive way to align their service quality in a way that could satisfy the end customer. This also helps in reducing the stress of supervisors and managers that are bound to take periodic surveys when a customer can directly describe a problem to the security executive at the duty.
  • If we look at the traditional approach of security services in Dubai that businesses use, we find that the service providers are limited with respect to the operations and the businesses have to invest more money on arranging for other required services to keep business activities going. The role of facilities management in any business industry is to reduce the expenses and this could be done by employing the workforce of security services to arrange for required services on affordable cost so the business concerns could witness a reduction in their expenses that occur during the search phase.

There are always some possibilities that a business can discuss with a facilities management company to reduce costs and maximum revenue to utilizing the funds, workforce and other factors strategically apart from security services in Dubai.