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It is important for an institution to accompany consistency with quality service to maintain the trust level of the people that engage with it on routine basis. As one of the leading Facilities Management Companies in Dubai, we give due importance on maintaining the same service quality that people expect from a business institute. Keeping a noble vision to enlighten others with the precious gift of knowledge, Kings’ School is active from past few years and we are continuously working with them to maintain their facility at AL BARSHA. Our crew maintains their facility and looks after the matters of cleanliness and hygienic environment to keep the students safe from any unfavorable situation. For appreciating their time and effort, our Operations Manager Mr. Mohsin Javed visited the campus on October 8, 2017 to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

Routine Activity @ School Campus

The cleaning staff consists of 20 people including male and female cleaners that are suppose to take care of all the cleaning related operations at the campus. At Kings’ School, we provide cleaning services to ensure the clean and organized environment that is essential for educational institutes and the people – including faculty and students – so they can work in a peaceful and clean environment. The cleaning crew manages all the operations responsibly from 7 am to 7 pm until the school is closed. Our Operations Manager visited the campus to evaluate the current performance of the crew and see if they are providing the services on decided terms with school’s management and found the team’s work quite satisfactory.


We’ve signed an agreement with Kings’ School to provide our cleaning services in order to maintain their facility in clean condition and look after every corner with due care. Find below the details of the cleaning services we’re offering to King’s School that any organization seeks from a facility management company in Dubai.

  • Our aim is to keep classrooms clean before the students arrive to receive their lectures. The crew ensures that the students sit on clean chairs and study in a clean environment without experiencing any dirt related issue.
  • We take care of bathrooms, toilets and locker rooms that students use frequently during the day and use industry approved cleaning products to maintain quality service.
  • Apart from indoor locations, the crew also manages the cleaning operations of outdoor places that the school owns so the students can focus on their extracurricular activities in a clean environment.
  • We have devised a working system for the waste disposal system of Kings’ School to keep the place clean and dump the wastage through proper disposal channels.
  • We also help the management in aligning more accurate cleaning strategies to keep the school clean by identifying the most crowded places during the working hours. This way we know the vulnerable place of the school where there’s a chance of finding dirt issues.

Our aim is to maintain our words as one of leading facilities management companies in Dubai while we perform different cleaning operations at their campus and this is not possible without the dedication of our cleaning staff.

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