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As one of the most active facilities management companies in Dubai, we always aim to add more utility services in our operations. Keeping the same thought in view, we acquired INTERSERVE technical services back in 2014 so we can serve Emirates and Dubai expats having design, build and maintenance queries through more focused technical services.

With the growing number of expats coming to Dubai, the need of facilitating versatile range of technical services also appeared. So we initiated this venture to provide various DB and maintenance services under one roof. The company deals with most of your routine technical queries both on residential as well as commercial grounds by maintaining professionalism and dedication level. Sensing the need of advanced level Maintenance Services, the company’s primary focus is to serve those individuals as well as corporates dealing with maintenance issues.


As a matter of fact, UAE has been busy in construction activities from many decades and is a home of people coming from different countries. The country has so many beautiful residential communities and also offers a fair chance of business opportunity to millions of people from around the globe. This increasing number of new residents and business owners coming to this amazing land demands a responsible service provider that can handle the utility queries on daily, weekly and monthly basis. So we took the responsibility for offering that level of technical and maintenance services that you expect from a service provider. The objectives are to offer technical services on competitive price and maintain the elite service level for all sorts of customers.


When we first started our technical services venture, we had a big challenge to serve citizens dwelling in Dubai. However, we have had the latest tools but still the challenges were unclear when we first started our operations in this Emirate. We identified the key problems of our customers and crafted personalized solutions to answer their queries with our technical services. This led us to gain their trust level and we confidently expanded our operational areas to other Emirates. As a Facilities Management Companies in UAE, we’re constantly finding new ways to transform the way you use utility services especially on maintenance and technical grounds and hoping to add more services in near future.


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