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Value Added Tax or simply VAT is the hot topic in GCC countries these days and every business person is seen discussing its impacts on the economy in future. Many of our customers have shown the concerns over price increase on the services that they have been utilizing from our vast variety of facilities management service chain. As a Facilities Management Company in Dubai, we believe that educating our valued customers about the way they can get our services is our first priority. We’ve tried our best to simplify the whole process of how VAT will be implemented in our services in future and what impacts you’re likely to see in the price change in coming days.


Before we go deep into calculating the new prices, it is very important that we understand what is the VAT in actual?

VAT, Value-Added Tax or Value Added Tax is basically a form of tax imposed on the consumption or usage of goods and services to the end consumer. This form of Tax is implemented on the end consumer of goods or services and is included to the price of those goods or services. Around 180 countries have already implemented VAT (or similar variation in names) on the consumption/usage of goods and services and this taxation system is being implemented in the GCC countries from January 2018 onwards.

However, VAT is not charged to the end consumer directly but the Government asks the service providers to include a certain percentage of VAT in total price of the product/service to adjust this tax. Currently, the VAT is set at 5% on the total price of a service or product.


As a facilities management company in Dubai, our services vary from industry to industry to help businesses continue their routine operations uninterruptedly. The prices are same as before but with slight increase of VAT on the total cost of services/products obtained. Suppose, you’re billed AED 1000/- against our services and after inclusion of VAT the total invoice will be of AED 1050/-. The VAT percentage is flat 5% and has no additional impact on the prices so we charge our customers according to this simple calculation of 5% addition of total amount.


Facilities management is a vast term to combine several set of services and extend our expertise to large corporations and midlevel companies. We deal in below mentioned services to help certain industries in keeping up their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

We have taken the initiative to keep the commercial and residential premises clean and 100% hygienic for the occupants. Apart from cleaning services, our area of expertise also include security services to keep the premises away from unfavorable circumstances through our multiple security service solutions. As a facilities management company in Dubai, we are aware of the need of a swift, reliable and trustworthy service provider in moving industry. So we initiated our services to provide individual and corporate customers our support in transiting any amount of items in safe manner.

For further information on our services, charges and any business possibilities, you may speak with our key account managers on +971 4 328 4380 now.

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