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Whether it’s a business organization or a residential complex, the security is an integral part of its infrastructure in every era. Being the Facilities Management company in Dubai, we initiated providing security services with a vision to make our clients feel safer within the premise. As the needs of every individual grow, the challenges of security service providers also increase with the passage of time. As ZAWYA states, the security sector is predicted to double in volume by 2022. The security sector is expected to grow from $9.6 billion to $19.7 in next 5 years.

To meet the variable needs of businesses and individuals many startups are entering this industry but the question is that are they serving up to the standards? When we talk about the security service companies, we expect a service provider that takes every measure in account to keep the dependents away from any unfavorable situation. So here’s an overview of the security service market that is operational in MENA region.

Public Sector Demands

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Speak about any industry and you’ll find these two factors in common i.e. needs and resources. When we evaluate situations in security service, the client will always have certain needs to be met by the service provider. See, we live in a technological age where we have to deal with numerous elements to keep the premise safe and secure for a smooth business operation. And these elements are further categorized in different levels according to their severity but the one thing that is quite obvious is that there should be a sound security plan to tackle the situation. Before we discuss about the resources required to provide security services, here are the public demands from a service provider:

  • There should be a sound protection plan for every odd situation that is purely customized according to the nature of property that requires security services.
  • The executives should be equipped with the usage of latest technology to reach out to supervisors and report the matter in prompt manner.
  • The security structure should be clear enough to be understood by the internal departments and clients for measuring the security level.
  • The service provider needs to understand the allocation of resources both in term of manpower and technical facilities to keep the premise secure.

Challenges of Security Companies

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As stated earlier, the number of security service companies in increasing rapidly to cope up with the growing needs only in UAE let alone the whole MENA region. Since majority or service providers are in startup phase of their inception so the end customer usually finds many loopholes in service structure. As the facilities management company in Dubai, we have analyzed these needs deeply and concluded the required measures a company needs in order to provide more customized service that meets the service standards of the customer. We figured that a service provider needs to invest in all necessary dimensions of a service structure in security industry. There should be a sound balance in training and certification of new hires and evaluating the type of technological gadgets that a premise needs. Being the facilities management company in Dubai, we have underlined some drawbacks that make a security service poor and below the security standards:

  • Lack of training to handle different situation is what makes a security service’s performance poor. The organization needs to train the staff for tackling with every odd situation.
  • The technology could be used to harness the service quality instead of relying on conventional methods.
  • Those organizations that work with standard service solution for every kind of situation are likely to lose the trust of clients.
  • The resources and manpower should be allocated in such a way that it caters different stages of the problem to keep a peaceful environment.

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