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As a facilities management company, we always find new ways to serve the society with more services. And this is the reason we added another division in our operations with a simple objective and that was to provide better security in MENA region. We initiated the security division with few goals and after serving for a considerable amount of time, we’re proud on our security staff. Below are some of the characteristics that we instilled in our security staff so they can perform their duties more efficiently.


Our security services are being used by different institutions working on different level. Be it a public place, educational institute, residential community or any other organization our aim was to provide security guards that are alert and aware of all sort of activities in surroundings. Because we believe that above all the technological advancement, the human mind still has a significant place when there’s a serious situation. So we train our security staff to be alert and attentive about their surroundings to ensure safety and peace.


During the working hours, a security guard has to meet different kind of people that might not be very calm or welcoming. So in all type of situations, the security guard should be very calm and polite to maintain the peaceful environment. We ask our security staff to be polite and courteous when speaking with anyone for any reasons. You wouldn’t want to attract passersby or distract other people to disrupt the peaceful environment of your premise. So we make sure that every situation gets addressed in a polite and systematic manner.

Positive Mindset:

As a Security Service in Dubai, we understand the busy schedule and shortage of time of every citizen. We can’t predict what’s running in people’s mind so the security staff should always have a positive mindset to execute their operations. People entering the premise or leaving for an urgent work might appear in a hurry and get offended for petty things. So the person, appointed on security should behave wisely and provide quick solutions to solve their problems instead of taking anything personal. We ask every security member in our company to keep this fact in mind when going on duty.

Transparent Communications:

Transparency saves you from many evils when applied rightly in communications. And we can’t predict what’s going to happen the next day and train our security staff to be prepared. We ask them to keep each other updated about the current situations of different areas where they are appointed. This is essential for maintaining a good check on security of that office, building or any place where they’re present.

Physical State:

Security personnel with poor health conditions cannot monitor everything in comparison to a physically fit person. And we keep this aspect in mind when hiring our security staff and take care of their health conditions. We make sure that our security staff is fit enough to manage all the assigned tasks to ensure your safety.

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