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A few weeks back, Jeff Bezos was seen walking around with his machine dog in a video that gathered hype about the influence of robotics and AI on our lifestyle. The debate of ‘Man vs. Machine’ is gathering heat as speculations are turning into reality with the new inventions in cleaning industry are emerging and heading towards the Gulf region. UAE has already seen the wonders a machine can do in public sector with drone taxi and HYPERLOOP train and now it’s time that these inventions become a part of our household lifestyle. As a Facilities Management Company in Dubai, we’re quite excited with the news about robotics in cleaning industry so we ran a search to discover how will this change the game and what improvements can we anticipate with this new trend.




Man has always been aspiring to do the wonders using technology and IoT has proven this time and again. We’re no longer distant to anybody due to this digital progress and now the time has come that we go beyond from staying connected online to benefit from more features the technology has to offer. Companies like IROBOT and ECOVACS have given hope to this quest of stepping into the next level after IoT with the inventions like robot pool cleaner, automatic window cleaner and self-sufficient mopping machines. Now you can forget about investing your time and energy to remove the dust, debris and grime from the surfaces using conventional cleaning approaches as these robotic wonders do the job for you. All you have to do is put the instructions using the remote (or even your Smartphone) and sit back while they drive the desired cleaning results in minimum time period.




However, the use of robot cleaning is limited to certain household cleaning chores but the future promises more fascinating inventions. 5 years from now, we can anticipate these robots working on a massive project all alone without the help of a human brain. This would minimize the risk involved in certain cleaning jobs that require working at a dangerous height or reaching out difficult corners that pose a risk of getting injured. The progress in AI and mechanical engineering is a positive signs with respect to human safety at work but there are certain drawbacks of this machine progress.

IFSG-Group has always aspired to find new ways to serve its customers with more diligence, efficiency and effective service structure. And we are planning to utilize the robotic advancement in cleaning industry by adding robots in our workforce in coming days.

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