MECTW Supplements New Options in Facilities Management

Continuing the tradition of innovative fairs, VIS Exhibitions organized its global event that focused on hygiene cleaning methods and so many exciting inventions. Middle East Cleaning Technology Week aimed to bring all dimensions of cleaning industry under one roof and emphasized on creating a stable future with ecofriendly cleaning methods. Around 160 businesses came forward to exhibit their services, products and visions in MECTW’s mega event and about 5000 visitors were there to witness the inventive products and cleaning methods to keep cities safe.

We, at IFSG, are always on the hunt of finding new cleaning methods that are purely hygienic and nature friendly. And with this vision in mind, we attended the MECTW event that lasted for 3 consecutive days (from Nov 13 to Nov 15) at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center. Representing IFSG, Mr. Mohsin Javed (Operations Manager IFSG) was there to witness the innovative and effective options this event had to offer. Along with Mohsin, Mr. Kader Aslam (Helpdesk Manager Liverpool Dubai) and Mr. Waqas Wali (Coordinator Liverpool Dubai) were representing Liverpool Dubai (one of IFSG’s subsidiary). This podium provided us the opportunity to explore new and effective ways businesses are using at global level to promote hygiene and ecological methods and keeping the cities safer.

The MECTW was aimed to exhibit innovative solutions in 3 different verticals that fall in cleaning industry. Exceeding services in comparison to previous year’s exhibition, MECTW included three more dimensions i.e. Sewerage & Sanitation, Waste Management and Specialized Cleaning. Apart from cleaning, MECTW also explored new ways to revolutionize laundry service with amazingly developed machines and effective ways to keep costs low. The third vertical was dedicated to car washing sector of cleaning industry and had much to amaze everyone with its futuristic cleaning methods.

The MECTW event ended on November 15, 2016 with a warm farewell and by appreciating industry’s leading companies through prize distributing ceremony.

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