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UAE is known for its skyscraping buildings and the commitment of its residents that keep the place clean 24/7. What world misses to notice in UAE’s futuristic lifestyle is the unstoppable devotion of its labor class that work tirelessly to keep the country clean, organized and in line with the vision of its founders. As the Cleaning Company in Dubai, we share the same values that UAE’s founders once saw. One such incident grabbed everyone’s attention when Crown Prince took out his mobile phone to capture a glass window cleaner busy in his duty. However he didn’t utter much to appreciate him except ‘Shukran’ (Thank you) but his facial expressions were telling a million stories about the proud moment he was having.

Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is known for his active role in appreciating and encouraging the citizens for their endeavors to make the UAE progressive and upbeat with the new demand this development seeks. Earlier this week, he shared a video on his Instagram handle capturing a window cleaner behind him that went viral instantly and got thousands of views instantly with lots of appreciating comments by his followers.
The video was captioned with ‘Shukran’ which means ‘thank you’ in English and shows his gratitude and appreciating spirit behind this act. This is the second time that Crown Prince had been seen sharing his proud moment after the dive-in activity that he performed in Marina Beach to collect water waste. Whether he steps forward to clean the water waste, challenge citizens with 30×30 or do anything but his intentions are always in best interest of UAE’s residents. And it must have been a proud moment for him to witness his efforts bearing fruitful results.


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Cleaning is one of our service verticals and as a cleaning company in Dubai we know the challenges these cleaners face when on job. So we thought to give you a clear picture of the kind of their duties and what possibly moved our Crown Prince to share such grateful remarks about them.
A cleaner would usually has to deal with height, hard winds and his own fears to perform certain tasks to make the window clean and glittering again as mentioned below:
Upon reaching the targeted window of the building, they first scrub off the glass using specialized tools to preserve the newness of it.
The cleaner would then check for dirt and dust particles that are stick to the frame of glass window.
The cleaner is expected to remove the minor cobwebs and other elements that are making the glass dirty and contaminated.
After freeing up the glass from dust, the cleaner would wipe it off using soap and water to complete the job.
As a cleaning company in Dubai we invest our time, resource and money on training of our cleaners to handle every situation using wisest approach. We help them master the art of dealing with height and keeping themselves secure when they are performing a cleaning job at one of the UAE’s tallest buildings.

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