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Running a business requires more than capital, bearing expenses and that unique idea which sets your services apart from other service providers. Today’s business infrastructure has variable demands in comparison to old times and being a Facilities Management Company in Dubai we understand how each business can cater to these rising demands to continue its operations. As a business owner have you felt the desire to progress more but the current efforts are failing to bring those results that you aim to achieve over a passage of time? You’re not alone in this quest as the majority of businesses deal with this problem in which they find the enterprise headed towards a slightly oblique direction than it initially planned. Below are some key problems that might be influencing your business progress and how you may fix the problems.


As an administrator, CEO or director of an organization your objectives are to maintain a smooth flow in routine operations of a business to achieve long-term goals. You fail to achieve this target when your workplace is confronted with minor issues that put the workflow on hold due to unavailability of basic services including electricity, water supply, electronic failure or so. You need to employ a foolproof strategy, a backup to deal with such situations that create the obstruction in your workflows on a routine basis. As an alternative, you may contract with a facilities management company in Dubai that not only give you perfect plan but also arrange for these basic services that help your staff in focusing on their core objectives instead of complaining about unavailability of a certain facility.


In a business setting, problems are bound to happen but being a business representative it is your duty to arrange for their solutions in advance. This approach helps you in dealing with any issue for which you’ve already planned and know how to deal with problems like that to prevent any distraction for the staff. Improper cleaning measurement, loopholes in security services and even problems like pest infestation may put the workflow on hold and leave you consuming your precious time in arranging for the relevant service. As an alternative approach, your FM manager (or the facilities management company in Dubai that you’ve contracted with) should forecast these issues in advance and have a backup plan to resolve them in a timely manner.


As stated above, future planning to deal with a rising solution is essential to keep your business on the right track towards success. But here’s a little problem that needs your attention before you start believing that your plan is ready. Suppose, you have forecasted all the possible problems and their solutions but there is no one who would handle matters carefully and wait for your approval or directions for taking an action. Do you think this delay is good for your business or routine operations? You need an ambassador that would act on your behalf to maintain a sound work environment for your business and facilities management companies in Dubai work exactly on that idea to keep your enterprise running in a smooth manner.

Appreciating Employees Can Help You Succeed

Outdoor activities and official parties are a way to change the monotonous work routine that we all have adopted. The tight 9 to 5 schedules drains out our energy and creativity that result in lack of interest amongst staff members. We’ve arranged a year end party to appreciate our staff members and found interesting things about employee engagement. This helped us gain more customer satisfaction by allowing the employees a way to get refreshed after a long working routine.

New Side of Employees:

The party was designed in different segments that allowed us to view another side of every employee. When given a chance to participate in outdoor activities, the response was positive with 0% declined rate. Almost every employee not only participated in these outdoor activities but also showed their utmost effort to win the game. This taught us a lesson that when we allow people to contribute, they put their 100% to achieve the objective. The same should be applied in facilities management services where one should empower others instead of forcing them to do what is necessary. This way, they’ll add new ideas as well as propose new solutions to solve the issue.

Appreciating Employee Behavior:

In our routine life, we’re moved by the way people interact with us. The celebrations, the get together arranged at a corporate level is meant to bring out positive side of individuals. Such activities are focused on developing a sense of appreciating fellow workers and understanding to work with them. These activities, as shown below, are meant to teach employees the need of teamwork that is essential in the Facilities Management world.

Employee Encouragement Segments:

The second important aspect of arranging such activities is to affirm all the efforts each individual has put in their routine jobs. The certificate distribution ceremony was arranged by IFSG-Group to appreciate best employees on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. By certificate distribution, we may achieve two objectives i.e. letting the best employees know that company cares about them and secondly it would encourage others to do more and become the next employee of the month/year.

More Excited Staff Members:

As mentioned above, the party was segmented in different activities that proved very refreshing and encouraging for every employee. The smiles, the laughs and shout-outs replaced dull faces with bright and more energetic ones. It helped us realize our employees that the efforts they put on routine basis in their jobs means a lot for the company and this act is a way of sending gratitude every staff member for staying loyal with their duties.

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