Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Brain in Facilities Management Industry?

It’s not just the scientists but every other person is speaking about the changes artificial intelligence (AI in contraction) can bring in our lives. Different business analysts have been sharing their thoughts about the possibilities that the AI can bring into business spectrum. The latest reports published by Oxford University even revealed some endangered job roles that are more likely to replace a human with humanoid in coming years. But before the robots make their ways in our lives (both personal and professional), there is another element that has become an integral part of the routine operations we perform at the work desk – mobile based applications. So…are we really going to see robots at the receptions and in meeting rooms instead of humans?

An article by Gulf News suggested the restrictions of these mobile based apps in hotel concierge job role that sparked the idea of finding the possibilities of AI’s functions in facilities management industry. So being a Facilities Management Company in Dubai, here are some of our observations on technology and its pace of ruling the world.

First, Let’s Understand the Artificial Intelligence!


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“Artificial Intelligence”, or simply AI, is a concept of enhancing computer’s ability to think, make decisions and perform functions on its own without requiring any input from a human.“ This is a simple explanation of Wikipedia’s definition that we have in today’s date that leads to different question which our human brain can come up after sensing the presence of another creature that is neither animal nor a human. Different business industries have received this concept with a varying degree of attitudes as the application of computers differs from industry to industry all over the world. So we thought to discover the possibilities of AI in facilities management industry.


Job Roles That Will Change Human with Humanoids!


If we follow the new list that is published by Oxford University then we have found these job roles that are more likely to change human brain with software or a humanoid in coming years. These jobs are added into this list based on the probability of human replacement with a computer. [Source]

  • Telemarketers
  • Title Examiners/Searchers
  • Insurance Underwriters
  • New Accounts Clerks
  • Tax Preparers
  • Cargo and Freight Agents
  • Watch Repairers
  • Insurance Underwriters
  • Library Technicians
  • Sewers

The reason that these jobs are predicted to be using a computer/robot in coming years is because they deal with repetitive nature of routine functions. What I mean by saying the ‘repetitive nature of routine functions’ is that they do not require using brain once the body becomes habitual of following a specific set of operations. For instance, if we replace a tax preparer with the software then the software would have to replace certain values on the same form(s) i.e. name, address, company name and similar kind of important information. Hence, the rule of applying AI to a business industry is it will only replace those job roles that repeat their work routine every day. So that makes the implications AI implementation in facilities management industry quite less as we, being a facilities management company in Dubai, have to deal with unexpected conditions/problems on routine basis that require the brain power instead of totally relying on a computer program.


There Are Some Possibilities, Though…


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It’s not like facilities managers don’t use technology at all and AI – or computer applications – have no share in our success at all. What I meant to say is that we cannot guarantee the complete sufficiency of AI concept in FM industry in any period of time but it could be used as a supplement to harness our work pace. As a facilities management company in Dubai, we have to deal with different operations that involve sub-operations to accomplish the bigger ones. And this is where we use technology, computer based applications to boost our work speed.

For instance, no use of mobile phones would slow down the process as we have to make calls, keep ourselves updated with each project’s status and the story goes on. But we cannot expect our phones to generate automatic calls and make random queries without our being involved. So there would always be a user required to operate these gadgets to continue our routine work instead of expecting a robot to perform these functions on its own.

And even if we start believing that robots would replace our positions as a facilities management company in Dubai, they would not be able to share the bonding that we have with our valued clients. Because regardless of their super intelligence scale, the AI can never assess the emotions the way a human mind does. And businesses involve dealing with humans by these emotions, to create value for being in existence as a company instead of meeting numbers only. That’s the strongest reason that a robot can never replace human brain in our business but they could be used as a supplementary option to harness the speed of the procedures.







No doubt that UAE is a home to many people that migrated to this land of opportunities from their homeland but the Law of Emiratization is proving to be a hurdle in their way. In these migrants the majority is of labor class that works in different shifts to make both ends meet. On the other hand, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is actively emphasizing on providing equal opportunities to UAE nationals in private sector. [Read here] In a recent update from MOHRE, another attempt is made to convince the private sector companies to employ locals over foreign labors against low labor registration and additional benefits to the member companies. The officials are trying to maintain a balance between foreigners and local laborers but – as one of the Facilities Management Companies in Dubai – we strongly feel that the reaction from private companies is somewhat unclear in this regard.


According to this law, the government is trying to employ the locals both in public and private sector for maintaining a sound balance between immigrants and UAE citizens. The government has already started different initiatives to empower the unskilled locals to be employed in different business sectors and earn their livelihood.

The officials have made different amendments in this law from time to time since its implementation in public and private business sector to encourage businesses for hiring the UAE citizens instead of relying on foreign workforce only. As one of the facilities management companies in Dubai, we feel that even if the law has been implemented from over a decade, the success rate in its implementation is very little and is about 0.34% up till now.


We believe – as the one of the facilities management companies in Dubai – that the primary factor in businesses’ oppose of implementing this rule is the hiring and waging costs that is comparatively double for the UAE citizens. A recent research, conducted in Institute for Social & Economic Research (ISER) at Zayed University, suggests that companies prefer foreign workers over nationals due to their endurance in working long hours and on comparatively low wages. The most influenced industry where companies prefer an expatriate than an Emirati is the oil mining and construction sector that require working long hours which ultimately costs a high price to hire the labor. Secondly, the expenses on workforce’s training and development is another factor due to which companies hold back for hiring locals over expatriates.


While the companies care about controlling their increasing expenses, the government is more concerned about the diminishing identity of Emiratis in the first place. According to the same report, around 40M immigrants work in UAE’s labor class in around 260,000 private sector companies. This situation is leading to below mentioned scenarios that could prove a big problem for all the concerned parties:

  • Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos and Bangladeshis are at the top of immigrant’s list in labor class and the number is growing each year. This growing tendency is creating problems for both Government and businesses for creating adequate work opportunities for newcomers and the locals within an organization.
  • However the situation is leading the country to become a multicultural place but the Emiratis are gradually losing their cultural identity following the increase of immigrants. This is one of the many reasons that MOHRE has taken this initiative to maintain a sound balance in cultural diversity.
  • It will also raise the issues of providing residencies for both locals and immigrants with adequate place to live in.


According to our experience as one of the facilities management companies in Dubai, in coming years the work opportunities would not be enough for both current residents and new immigrants if the tendency does not slow down. So the ministry and businesses have to work together in finding a more sound solution that is viable both economically for the business sector and does not affect the social elements of UAE for which the ministry is concerned.


With the passage of time the businesses today are recognizing the importance of benefiting from the services of FMs and prioritize the integrated Facilities Management Services  in their business structure. The conventional approach to manage a big organization is proving in sufficient due to enormous growth rate of every industry and continuous variation in labor laws. A business owner is not liable to pay salaries and bonuses to his employees as there are so many other aspects of a business concern that cannot be fulfilled by sole proprietor or a few partners in order to execute routine operations smoothly.

This is where integrated facilities management plays its role and empowers the business owners to keep up with current labor laws and ensure the business operations are in continuation without facing any unexpected interruptions. We’ve highlighted the key areas where integrated facilities management can help businesses grow more and reduce interruptions.


It’s a fact that a business premise requires different facilities to accommodate its employees and customers and it is very essential that these facilities work properly. Let alone basic facilities like electricity, water supply and air condition system, there are other aspects that matter when you expect from your employees to work and put their best. Since the needs to progress work speed are constantly changing, facilities managers work 24/7 to ensure that your staff, clients and other concerned parties find required facilities at any given time. If any service/facility is unavailable at the work premise, it may delay the workflow of your office.


Causalities and mishaps are bound to happen where people gather on routine basis but being the business owner it is your duty to keep the premise and its occupants safe. Since it is impossible to be present at every place of your business (or where your staff is working), facilities management companies provide smart solutions to help you keep every concerned party safe. An FM can help your business in developing strategies to cope with odd situations and help you work in line with state’s policies to avoid any penalties and fines in such situations. Like all other responsible states, Dubai Municipality has made various changes to protect the employees and make sure businesses work ethically and this is where integrated facilities management services can help you in directing your business to meet all those guidelines.


The role of integrated facilities management services is not just limited to keeping every facility available and preventing odd situation at workstations. When your business grows, you purchase new premises, hire more people and plan for more projects in future. Since the growth of staff and business expansion is on your mind, the facilities managers suggest you to employ your funds, time and premises in best manner to stay in line with state rules and reduce the risk of any unpleasant situations at new sites that you’ve chosen to initiate further future ventures. In other words, facilities managers act as your business advisors to keep on right track towards success.