Our Share in UAE’s Environmental Growth

In today’s date, United Arab Emirates is one of the biggest business hubs along with a rapid migration trend. People come here for various reasons either to stay for few days or to make their career stronger in UAE’s stable economy in comparison to other regions of the world. With this increasing number of population, the responsibility of keeping the society safe also increases. Considering it as a duty, we took our first initiative to contribute the society with improved cleaning and waste management methods and this is where Liverpool Cleaning Services in Dubai came into existence.

Back in 2008 when we first started our cleaning venture through Liverpool Cleaning Services, we had many obstacles to face in order to provide quality cleaning services and serve both foreigners and Emiratis with equal dedication. Our objective was not to accept the cleaning trends that were proving insufficient to maintain a clean society and then, we had a large emirate to cover. Above all these challenges, we managed to survive successfully beating the old traditions of Dubai’s cleaning industry and introduced unconventional approaches that were in line with facilities management requirements and the international green initiatives.

Organizing Staff Trainings:

To set our cleaning venture as a different concept in Dubai, we invested our time and money on our employees because with an untrained workforce you cannot achieve set objectives ever. Our managers, assistant managers and supervisors were instructed to organize small meetings with their teams and help them understanding the complexity of latest cleaning tools, usage of different products and in what manners they need to work. This helped us to increase customer satisfaction and service quality and we are still applying this strategy in our routine operations.

Expanding in Different Dimensions:

As a  Facilities Management services providers, we did not want to remain with selective services but introduce multiple solutions to serve both individuals as well as organizations working in Dubai. We started off with individuals looking a possible solution for cleaning problems they either have in their home or at shops. By improving service quality and workforce, we increased our operational areas and now Dubai’s leading institutes are in our list of satisfied customers.

Implementing Automation in Operation:

Rather than relying on conventional service approaches, we benefited from the latest inventions to speed up our operations. Today, we serve different customers with versatile set of services in which cleaning, waste management, security and other utility services are included. This step of using technology not only helped us in working fast but we also decreased the use of paper and practice green working methods that are being implemented in all progress oriented countries as we support ecological environment as well.

Being Visionary Helped Us!

After all these years when we look back, we still feel the urge to do more and serve customers with more customized utility services. What we learn is that you must adopt the habit of foreseeing things otherwise you cannot bring a positive result in any business. This is what we practice in all of our ventures and work with a learning attitude to excel in what we do and build a better community.

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